Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Window Treatments

I've been trying to put this off because it's going to be expensive, but we've finally realized we need window coverings.  While most of the windows have some shade so it's not always direct sunlight, a few do, and I worry that the floors will be faded in no time with the year round sun we get here in San Diego.

We've looked at three places so far, although we have yet to get our in-home estimate.  I think the prices will be a bit of a reality check for our tastes, especially as no one is willing to give you real prices before they are in your house.  Mandy and I have always had tastes that don't quite fall in line with our wallet.  The three we've looked into...
I'm very much into the honeycomb shades but the feature most important to me is the cordless or LiteRise system. So much safer as well as being cleaner without a cord always hanging around.   As for the sliding glass doors, I think we'll be heading to Ikea to take care of them.  Talking with the guy from Affordable Window Coverings, it seems those could end up being very pricey if we went with the vertical shades or silhouette series. Either way, we need to get going on this.  We've been in the house now THREE months and the temporary shades are starting to look a little worse for wear (although it would only cost $10 for a new set!)


Camila said...

I think it took us a year before we had curtains in the dining room and living room of our old house. Whoops. Window treatments are expensive. I just did Ikea curtains, which are relatively cheap. You just have to be handy with a sewing machine (are you?) We just got blinds yesterday in our apartment--woo hoo!--close to a month after we moved in. But that wasn't our fault...it was the landlord.

Xaparro said...

The only disadvantage with blinds is that you can't throw them in the washer, like you can curtains. We could use some new curtains and we still don't have blinds for our breakfast room, but, hey, that's our sun room.