Friday, October 12, 2012


Ok.  So it may not look like much on this map, but we got rain this morning!  And I swear it was more than the 0.45 inches they recorded for our zip code, because it was loud enough to wake me up (thankfully at 6:12 am, only 3 minutes before the regular sprinklers would have gone off if I hadn't turned them off!).  Is this the sign that I'm becoming a real Californian, when I get excited about rainfalls?

I'm really hoping that this recent cool weather and bit of rain may help salvage our lawn. I recently was talking to our neighbors across the street who informed us that the gravel that was previously on our yard was not removed before laying the sod, but TILLED IN.  He said that the contractors spent three days roto-tilling the gravel into the soil and he just couldn't believe it. What would have probably taken a day or two to just scoop up and remove (and probably sell to someone else!) was instead mixed in with all the good dirt below.  How stupid is that?  God, people are dumb.  Ah well,  I guess we have to look at the positive side that now it probably will drain very well and make for an even better southwestern garden. =)


Xaparro said...

Yeah, I sort of figured they wouldn't remove the gravel but I thought they'd just lay the sod down on top. They definitely aren't too bright and it definitely looks like you'll have to put a desert garden in the front. Some of them are really pretty. And yes, you are a real Southern Californian when you do rain dances as soon as it sprinkles! The smell of rain still reminds me of Christmas in California!

Camila said...

Yep, true Californian. We got rain today too--must've been that green cloud over Maine.

Juan Chaparro said...

It just makes me lose faith in contractors. It's like Holmes on Homes. There are some good contractors out there, but the other 99% given them a bad name!

So we'll have to work on our desert garden while you are here!! We've already mapped out our back yard, and the front yard drawing is in progress. Maybe I should post the layouts here and you can start designing!