Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Master Bathroom Caulking

As a follow-up to last weeks post on caulking, I took some before pictures of our master-bath countertop. This was done with caulking, but it doesn't seem like they used a silicone based product because after 6 months of light use (we actually use the second bathroom more) there is obvious cracking and falling apart of their caulking.

So in between baking cookies and wrapping presents and writing cards all weekend, I took an hour to scrape out all the old caulking and lay down a new clean layer.

Caulking essentials: painter's tape, a caulking
tool (for those of us less adept), paper towels
and of course, the caulking!
I really don't understand how they could have managed to muck it up like they did. They put so much effort into other parts of our house, and then just flubbed it on this one. Here's my entire tool set for re-caulking (except I did forget to include the razor). I found that one of those little razors used to clean glass worked waaaaaay better than the commercial caulk remover I purchased, particularly because it was great to get into all the little nooks and crannies.

And as I mentioned in the last post, extra paper towels is essential for the first time or two.  This time there was definitely a lot less excess caulking and most of it was in the right places, but still handy to have around to wipe off so you don't spread it all over accidentally.
This last pic is the way I taped off the sink to restrict my caulking to as narrow a section as I felt comfortable.  I ran it a bit too narrow last time and had to smooth some areas out after because removing the tape pulled up the edge of the caulking.  So now we've got beautiful caulking to go along with our beautiful countertop!


Xaparro said...

Are you going to leave that blue painter's tape on, Juan?

Juan Chaparro said...

I need to take after pictures tonight.