Friday, July 20, 2012

Closing Day Shots

This is kind of a flashback entry...cue the cheesy harp music, insert misty camera overlay of yesteryear.

Thought I would just document how the house looked on closing day, as a baseline value (as we would say in medicine). All in all it looks pretty awesome!

Here we are after getting our keys. Ivana (our agent) had come super early that morning to roll out the red carpet (literally) and make sure everything was in place.

I've always loved corner lots (I guess because I grew up on one).  Maybe because they feel less crowded by your neighbors. We're really looking forward to seeing those palms get to 50-60 feet tall!  Although I guess at that point we'll have to hire a tree-trimming service to take care of the skirt. 

 But the kitchen was one of our biggest selling points.  Compared to the apartment we moved out of, there is soooo much space.  And countertop! We no longer have to battle for space to put down chopping boards or keep all our appliances in the cupboards (although we may still as it keeps the clutter down).  One of the future projects will definitely be to install undercabinet lighting (once I get a little more comfortable with electrical work).
The living room is a wonderful space.  I'm very glad they got rid of the attic space and put it up to the rafters. so much less claustrophobic than some of the other houses we were seeing.  Of course, without an attic (or basement!) we're a little tight on storage space, but hey, that's what the garage is for! (just don't let Mandy hear me say that!)

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Camila said...

Almost all of the houses we looked at this last time in boston were using the garage for storage, not cars...