Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Laundry sink

Our next potential project for the house is a new laundry sink.  Not one that we install ourselves, we'll leave this one to the professionals (although I would get to buy lots of new toys if I did it myself!!)

But I guess we do get to pick out what type of laundry sink we would like. 

I kind of like the vintage sinks that Kohler makes, like the Kohler Sudbury Service Utility Sink (right). But oh gosh, they start in the $400s!  Maybe we'll go with the much more practical Swanstone Free-standing Polypropylene sink, only $40. But oh so bland and boring (although I guess it is just for the garage isn't it!).

I'm sure there have to be more elegant options other than these two extremes. Any ideas?

Ooohh! I just came across these stainless steel sinks on Mission Restaurant Supply. Not too shabby, and at $232 for a stainless steel free-standing sink, relatively reasonable.


Camila said...

Juan, I'm going to send you a photo of the laundry sink you should get...I can't post it here. :)

Juan said...

There will be no wallpaper pasted on our sink. Although you could paint the outside a nice bright color to lighten things up in the about