Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Every now and then there's a rough patch...

the first patch job got the best knockdown resultsWe love our little multipurpose ladder! So here are the before pictures of the two walls we decided to repaint.  As you can tell, there were quite a few holes from the installment of the new grounded circuit last month. It's tough when you don't have an attic or basement!

The patch jobs ended up looking...okay.
I've found that the knockdown texture is a difficult skill to master, particularly using the aerosol cans and doing small areas.  The first patch I did was actually the best looking patch because the knockdown spray was coming out very consistently at that point in the can.  The upper ones were a little thick, and the ones in the study were just a mess.  I'm still thinking about going back at some point and re-texturing, but mandy wanted to start actually living in these rooms so I'll have to postpone that idea.

Either way, the actual painting was rather fun (even muji wanted a part of it!).

We made some mistakes, but I think overall it looks quite nice.  We'll have to post some pictures when it's ready.  In the meantime, here's a picture of the wall mid-paint, and the new fashion from San Diego, painter's blue as worn by Mandy.

muji hunting for paint drops under the drop clothmid-painting on the second bedroom, the color is quite nice! taking down the painter's tape was obviously the most enjoyable part


Xaparro said...

So, have you finished painting? Did you find the right color?

Camila said...

That's interesting--why are your walls textured? Is that normal? I know ceilings are frequently textured, but guess I didn't realize walls were.
Eh, just put up a wall hanging if it's a little less than perfect. :)