Monday, July 23, 2012

Coffee-table pictures

Well I uploaded the pictures this morning so here they are.

I wish I had taken a pre-refinishing picture (duh!) but the mood to refinish struck me so suddenly that I was already halfway through sanding when I thought of it.

The second picture is after the second coat of stain.  It looks like a nice color here, but was really quite noticeably lighter.  I haven't taken a finished photo yet as I was so frustrated after the botched finish. Maybe I'll just choose to remember the second photo alone.  Even there you can still see some water rings (man, those things are nearly impossible to get rid of!).


Xaparro said...

It looks good, Juan. Do you need more coasters?

Juan said...

We've still got the mad hatter/alice in wonderland ones you got us, as well as a myriad of paper beer coasters.

I keep looking for those circuit board coasters like the ones we saw at the Missouri Botanical Gardens shop, but can not find ones that look that well made. Oh well, I guess next time I see something unique like that I should just go ahead and buy it. And the same with those birdhouses shaped like cats with the mouth being the entrance.

Xaparro said...

Do you mean like these Bobbo catmouth birdhouses?

Juan said...

YES!! Exactly those.

I guess I need to start making my xmas list! wink wink

Xaparro said...

They are cheaper at Amazon so add them to your "wishlist"!