Thursday, August 2, 2012

Commentating fixed

I have fixed the comments section so there is no longer the word verification and it should be open to all to comment.  However, if I start getting lots of spam comments...I blame you!

Plus, I hate the now accepted use of  "commentating" as a verb. Why do we feel the need to add the extra syllable? Just as annoying as when people say "orientate". Just sounds stupid.  Pretty soon, people will be ventating their frustrations and lamentating the death of the English language.  I wonder what Strunk and White would have to say on this subject.  Hmmm....


Xaparro said...

Commentating? I hadn't heard that yet, I don't think. Sort of like analysation.

Juan Chaparro said...

well it's been particularly annoying recently with the Olympics being on. It's constantly, and now we have blah blah and blah blah commentating on the women's badminton finals.

The sad part is that it's now in the dictionary. I know linguistics is an evolutionary process, but damn, I thought evolution was to weed out the stupid things!