Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Well, this is why I dislike service weekends. 

I had on my to-do list that I wanted to dig up the front yard sewage cleanout so it would be accessible if we had a clog.  I even went to Lowes and bought a shovel to dig it out with.  But sunday night rolled around, and I was just too tired to dig a two foot deep hole in the front yard.  Oh well, I'll do it next weekend.

Fast forward to monday night at about 11:30pm. Flush the toilet and it starts to backup. Made a solo trip to the nearby 24 hour walmart (mandy declined to accompany me after our last trip to walmart) and picked up a plunger.  As a side note, what is it about Walmart after midnight that such strange people are there: young mexican couples making out in the checkout lane; a family of about twenty, complete with about 10 kids under the age of five doing what looked like grocery shopping; at least two morbidly obese middle aged ladies on their little motorized scooters; and a family selling tamales in the parking lot.  AT MIDNIGHT!

Anyways, got back and plunged the toilet with minimal success.  I figured I'd let it sit for a while and try again in the morning so went to take a shower and found that nothing was draining there either. Oh crap.  Totally figures I would have a mainline backup two days after I was supposed to expose the main cleanout.

$175 later, everything is flushing and draining beautifully.  On the plus side, the plumbing company we used, Courtesy Plumbing, was super quick to respond and had a plumber out within half an hour of talking with them on Monday.

I guess this weekend I'll actually have to DO everything on my to do list.


Anonymous said...

Juan, I think they are there at midnight to avoid other people...or having their picture taken apparently. A tamale at midnight sounds good!! You are getting all kinds of good experience!!

Juan Chaparro said...

I have to admit, the picture was not mine. Although the google image search for "obese motorized scooter walmart" has a surprising number of hits. Dear god, my eyes hurt now.

Xaparro said...

You're cheating, Juan!
So what did the plumber do? I hope you took notes.
Did you buy any tamales? Or did the two obese scooters make your think twice about the fat content?

Juan Chaparro said...

Cheating? You mean in terms of borrowing google image search photos? Or hiring a plumber?

I did take notes, but unfortunately, what he did involves a power auger and other very expensive equipment I won't use frequently. Wouldnt it be nice if they had like a power tool collective? Use what you need, just don't mess it up!