Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Days - Cool Books

I know you guys will say I have nothing to complain about, but it's been quite hot here in San Diego over the last week. Well, by quite hot I mean high-80s.  Which really isn't all that hot, since it hit 116 in Phoenix last week, but they've got AC.  Had hoped to do some work in the yard, but after mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon in the full sun at 86 degrees with the push mower, I was drenched.  Thank goodness for public libraries!
The San Diego Public Libraries have recently increased their open hours after having had to cut back last year due to budget cuts.  It was very frustrating before to recieve a notification that a book on hold arrived at our branch on saturday and not be able to pick it up until Tuesday! Our new branch in Serra Mesa (seems like it was only built a few years ago) is even open on Sunday afternoons until 5pm!

This is the second or third time I've dropped by, and I must say,it is a rather charming library.  Lots of real-wood furniture (everything inside is done in the Arts & Crafts style) and plenty of seating!  I couldn't really find any good interior pictures so I'll have to take some next time I visit, but mom and penny, you would like it.

I meant to do some more serious reading (i.e. for the Journal Club presentation I have this Thursday), but I was in the mood for some brain candy so picked up some young adult books that I'd looked at before (don't ask, it's so trite I'm embarassed). Although I wish I had remembered about the Unshelved Book Club, which keeps suggesting really interesting books (or maybe they just have interesting reviewers!). The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter or Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky are two on my list (maybe I should put a hold on them now).

I guess I'll have to head back sometime this week!  Any hot summer afternoon reading suggestions?


Xaparro said...

Journal Club?? What's that?

Juan Chaparro said...

Four times a year, at our weekly conference, the fellows present an important article that's been recently published and we critique the paper's strengths and weaknesses and basically decide whether the results would change our practice. I'm presenting an article from the New England Journal of Medicine about a new treatment option for latent TB infection.

Camila said...

Hmm are you reading twilight? The hunger games? The babysitters club? ;)
"the immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" very good

Juan Chaparro said...

God, I think I'd rather have you know than think I was reading those. Aren't you supposed to be moving?

Camila said...

We did--Monday the movers packed everything up and headed to boston As did Paul. Peter and I left yesterday after going to the closing on our house. We're spending an extra day here at penny's as the apartment in Boston wasn't ready--long painful story. Hopefully we can move in on Sunday.

Camila said...

Oh right and aren't you supposeD to be preparing for journal club? ;)

Juan Chaparro said...

oh no! mom mentioned something about the apartment missing a few key things! hope it'll be done soon.

That being said, our moves never seem to go well either. Like when we moved to St. Louis we arrived on a saturday, not realizing that the warehouse of the shipper we used was not open on Saturday...or sunday. The first night we stayed at a hotel, the second we got a air mattress.
Or having to wait 19 days for our stuff to arrive in San Diego. Me sleeping on stacked cardboard boxes in St. Louis and Mandy on an air mattress (that same one, best purchase EVER!) for nearly three weeks!

Juan Chaparro said...

Oh, and yes, I should be working on my journal club article. Sometimes reading medical literature can be so painful =)