Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend? what weekend?

I'm rather bummed that I'm on service this weekend again.  Not that it's not nice to get back into the hospital (you miss using that part of your brain in the lab), but two service weekends in a row just kind of restricts any plans you can make. 

I may spend most of tomorrow not getting much done, not because there isnt' a lot I couldn't do, but I don't want to get too involved in anything, and then have to be on the phone for half an hour or just keep getting distracted with phone calls. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a surgeon on call.  Our pediatric neurosurgeons are on call 50% of the year (there are only 2 of them!!)  So half of the nights of the rest of your life, you have a chance to be called in to the hospital.  I'm sorry, but I like sleeping in my own bed. As much guff as neurosurgeons get, I applaud them for that level of dedication. I could never do that.

But anyways...  I need to make a list of things to do this weekend, so might as well do it here:

- Measure out the house and yard to start drawing the groundsplan for when we tear out the turf!!
- Dig out the cleanout for our main line in the front yard (also to see if there's gravel under the sod)
- Re-seed the dead patch of grass in the backyard
- Tweak the sprinkler heads for the front yard and see if I can get them a little more even
- trim and edge the whole yard

Anything else? Mandy?


Wai-Yin Mandy Tam said...

Let's see what time you will come home. I bet she will keep you till late late late late late at night. I dislike her =(

Juan Chaparro said...

Two out of five isn't bad though. Just wish I had done the main sewage line cleanout. =(