Monday, August 13, 2012

Mulch/Compost for free?! is this something that is kept so under wraps? The City of San Diego operates the Miramar Greenery which provides mulch/compost to city residents (proof of residency required) for FREE!  Up to 2 cubic yards (= six 32 gallon trashcans!) of compost or mulch can be had for free if you load it yourself into your vehicle.

And if you're not sure to do with that 2 cubic yards of compost or mulch....they've got a nice brochure for that.

Wood chips will cost you a few bucks (18 bucks per cubic yard for the plain chips, and 28 for colored chips) but that's still a lot less than Lowe's. Checking the prices, it would be $89.90 for 2 cubic yards of mulch if you bought it by the bag!

This may make the entire getting rid of the grass thing a lot easier.  I purchased some drafting paper and pencils this weekend, now I've just got to get out there and measure all the aspects of our yard.


Xaparro said...

They don't deliver? Do you have to shovel it into a rental pickup yourself?

Juan Chaparro said...

I figure if I get one of those blue Ikea bags I could just shovel it in there and transport it in the trunk of my car. I figure it's probably not worth renting a truck. I could just make 2-3 trips and get enough mulch for the whole yard (ours is quite a bit smaller than yours)

Penny said...

Those blue Ikea bags don't close so you may end up with a mulched trunk. Heavy duty garbage bags? At any rate, keep on mulching!

Juan Chaparro said...

It's less than 4 miles from us and all on surface streets, so I'm hoping i won't be swinging around corners fast enough to mulch my trunk. But at least that would provide incentive to clean it up a bit!