Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's football season

This entire work thing really is cutting into my home repair plans.

Feel like a slacker since I've only posted once in the last week. But work has been busy and frustrating at times. But a bright note today: the protein i have been working for the last two weeks to grow and purify actually looks like it's there and active today! This is good news because that means i should be able to replicate it and make as much of this enzyme as I need. I had two failed batches (which I'm sure most grad students would scoff at and I did have a lot of guidance from the senior tech) but dang it, having to wait days to find out it didn't work at all is frustrating!  So to run an assay this afternoon and have it work was awesome.

In other news, the Chargers are playing their first game of the pre-season tonight and it's not too bad. We live less than a mile from the stadium (up a big hill at least) and we've been wondering what kind of noise and traffic we might see. But I think as long as we avoid Friars Road on the way home, it shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe we can go tailgate there sometime! Ooh, or maybe they have fireworks we can see!

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